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Kazuhiro GOSHIMA

Visual artist. Taking the theme of the boundary between digital and analog, he has produced numerous video works going beyond live-action and computer graphics. In recent years, he has produced three-dimensional video works employing his own original methods.
Live and work in Tokyo. Born in Shizuoka pref. Japan, 1969.
Contact: info_a_goshiman.com ( please replace _a_ with "@" )

Education: Kyoto Institute of technology

Lecturer: Image Forum Visual Institute

Part-time lecturer:
Okayama Prefectural University, Josai International University, Nagaoka Institute of Design

Art Division Jury Recommended Works, 20th(2017) Japan Media Arts Festival: “BUMPY”
Art Division Excellence Award, 18th Japan Media Arts Festival (2014): “THIS MAY NOT BE A MOVIE”
Award of Distinction, ARS ELECTRONICA 2014: “SHADOWLAND”
Art Division Jury Recommended Works, 13th(2009) Japan Media Arts Festival: “grained time”
Art Division Jury Recommended Works, 12th(2008) Japan Media Arts Festival: “STEREO SHADOW”
The first prize (shared by three films)2005, 25fps(Croatia):“z reactor”
Art Division Excellence Prize 8th(2004), Japan Media Arts Festival: “z reactor”
Encouragement Award, KIRIN Art Award 2003: ”FADE into WHITE #4”
The Prize of the Jury and Trenchín Selfgoverning Region, 2004 (Slovakia): ”FADE into WHITE #4”
In competition, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2003: ”FADE into WHITE #4”
In competition, International Animated Film Festival Annecy 2003: “FADE into WHITE #3”
Digital Art [non-interactive] Excellence Prize, 5th(2001) Media Arts Festival: “FADE into WHITE #3”
Award of Excellence, Digital Content Grand Prix 2001: “FADE into WHITE #3”
Honorable mention, PROJECT TEAM DoGA CG Animation Contest (2002) : “FADE into WHITE #3”
Grand Prix, Image Forum Festival 2001: “FADE into WHITE #2”
Special Jury Prize, Media Hunting 2000: “FADE into WHITE #2”
Impact Prize, MTV Japan Station ID Contest '96: “FADE into WHITE (#1)” short version
Grand Prix, Apple Dream CM Contest Japan (1997): “Slight Flight”

Museum Collection
TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM ” STEREO SHADOW”, “Time Binoculars“, “Tokyo Three Dimensional Suite“

2018 Kazuhiro GOSHIMA Exhibition "the Absence of the Painter"(ASK?+ASK?P, Tokyo)
2015 Kazuhiro GOSHIMA Exhibition"This May not be a Movie, SHADOWLAND and so on"(ASK?+ASK?P, Tokyo)
2015 CCCB(Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain)
2014 Kazuhiro Goshima works exhibition @PLAZA KIT
2012 Kazuhiro GOSHIMA Exhibition "Tokyo Three Dimentional Suite and so on"(Fuji Art Village, shizuoka pref.)

Exhibitions(Group, selected)
2018 Travel with Glasses(Tokyo, Aomori, Shimane, Shizuoka)
2015 12 Bienal de Artes Mediales (2015, Santiago de Chile)
2011 WRO 2011(Wroclow, Poland)
2011 Quest for Vision vol.3 "3D Visions"(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)
2007 12th edition of the Biennial of Moving Images(Switzerland)
2006 zwergWERK - Oldenburg Shortfilm Days(Germany)
2004 Vendome Film festival (France)
2004 ImageForumFestival 2004 (Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Nagoya)
2004 Jeonju International FilmFestival (Korea),
2003 "Trance Shorts Complex < SIDE EFFECTS > "(Kyoto art center)