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Replicate / Disappear (grained time vol.6)

installation art / May. 2023~

his work is a series of sculptures in which a plaster mold of my face is taken and then duplicated.
As more and more copies are made, fine details will eventually be lost, but new information such as scratches and cracks that appear accidentally during the work process will be added, and the face shape will continue to change into "something different". "Molding" is a primitive style of a photograph. And if continuous molding = photography reminds us of 'time' or 'movement', then this work is nothing but a 'movie' or a 'cinema'. As of August 2023, replication has progressed to the 17th generation. I look forward to continuing to replicate more and see where this film takes us.

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> Watch the exhibition record of this work on YouTube (1min.)